Sunday, November 21, 2010

OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus

OSS 117: Lost in Rio is the next installment of the OSS 117 series and follows the zany hijinks of Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, played by Jean Dujardin. Hubert is OSS 117, France’s best secret agent and the man France looks to whenever there is a major problem. France has a problem, a problem with Nazis!

At the beginning of the film OSS 117 gets into a fight with a bunch of Chinese and this will come back to haunt him throughout the movie as a Chinese guy with a gun will accuse him of killing a brother at the beginning of the movie. The best part is they use the same gag you see in old American movies where the Chinese guy cannot speak French properly because of there Chinese accents.

When Hubert returns to France he is put on a mission of extreme importance. A Nazi is Brazil has a list of French collaborators and is preparing to release this information to the world. France must do everything in its power to stop this Nazi madman! That means sending OSS 117 to give him a briefcase full of money. This is the French we are talking about! Stop him? Ridiculous! Pay him? Seems more reasonable.

Hubert goes to Rio and meets up with an old CIA friend who is in predictable and hilarious fashion portrayed as a loud and obnoxious American. The Mossad also contact Hubert and inform him that they want to capture the Nazi, Von Zimmel, so they can try him for crimes in Israel. After some confusion Hubert realizes they are serious about having him work with a woman. The woman is Col. Dolorès Koulechov of the Mossad, played by Louise Monot.

At this point the movie goes into high gear adventure across Brazil in search of Nazis so the French can recover that list of collaborators and Israel can capture Von Zimmel. They go to a hippie commune, an airplane crash into the rainforest, a trek across a crocodile filled river, into a den of Nazis, a fall off a waterfall, a madcap walker and IV drip chase through a hospital and finally ending on top of Christ the Redeemer.

Throughout the entire movie Hubert continues to be chauvinistic, vain, slightly racist, colonial and naïve. He says some absolutely ridiculous things about Jewish people and women as well as being such a blatant French stereotype. There is also some slapstick comedy in the movie and some downright silly gunfights that are just tearing into Bond movies.

Overall this is a pretty funny movie for a spoof film a genre that has seen a surge recently in American cinema but this film is far superior to the recent spoof films. This movie is comparable to the Austin Powers movies. So, if you don’t mind Hubert’s lack of political correctness and French movies then give this move a spin.

3.5/5 stars.

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