Wednesday, March 23, 2011


JCVD is a movie about Jean-Claude Van Damme and his life as a B-lister. He is struggling with crappy movie gigs, child custody cases and lack of money. He decides to return home to clear his head when everything goes wrong...

He is seen walking into a post office and several minutes later a gunshot comes from the post office and the police see him yelling and pushing a metal cabinet in front of the window. Now the police are besieging the post office and think that Jean-Claude is the robber. Now I know what you are thinking...who the hell robs a post office? Well apparently Belgians.

The movie itself bounces between a tense bank heist movie, a dark comedy and a heartfelt look into the life of a movie star whose career has been a slow spiral downward. I was impressed with this movie and the performances from pretty much all the actors, especially Jean-Claude Van Damme. Who knew he could act?

There were some annoying parts of the movie but they didn't really impact my overall enjoyment. On occasion there was some steady cam shots that are anything buy steady and at times the lighting wasn't the best but how can you make a movie that pokes fun at JCVD's movies without bad lighting?

Anyway because of the total surprising nature of this movie and the enjoyment I got out of watching Jean-Claude actually act for once I am going to give this movie 4 stars.

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