Friday, September 23, 2011

Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion is a film that first came to my attention thanks to the band Fantômas. They released an album titled “The Director's Cut” that features the bands renditions of famous movie scores. The movie score itself is by Ennio Morricone, a composer that I absolutely adore. Most of my fellow Americans love John Williams and his well known movie scores but I worship at the feet of people like Morricone and Phillip Glass. I cannot overstate how amazing the score is for this movie, it helps set the tone for every single where the score is featured. 

Most people are very familiar with a crime dramas and murder mystery films. A murder is committed and the police attempt to discover the killer who is always one step ahead of the lead detective. This film is the complete opposite of every single other crime drama. In this film the head of the Homicide Department murders his mistress and deliberatley leaves clues that point to him being the murderer. Immediately after this murder we discover that our unnamed policeman has been promoted to head up the Security Division if Italy to help curb the tide of subversive communist students and workers. This puts our man in a position where he is so powerful and respected that he is literally above suspicion.

The lead has a very fascist way of speaking and acting and it would be very easy to write this movie off as some left-wing propaganda piece. The real motive of the director is about how our lawmakers, judges and police act and behave while they are attempting to maintain justice and order. When one of their own commits a heinous crime, are they really capable of policing and judging themselves? How do they do this without actually destroying their capability to maintain justice and order in society as a whole? The other problem is the nature of power. Is humanity incapable of being placed in positions of such extreme power and still maintain their morality?

As the lead continually tries to implicate himself in the murder and his colleagues continue to ignore all the clues that point towards him as the murderer he begins to become desperate. The film begins to become very surreal as he desperation explodes out into a near nervous breakdown. As you watch the film you have to begin to question the nature of humanity and whether or not you agree with the director and his rather pessimistic statements about people.

This is a must watch.


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