Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Reef

If you have ever seen the movie “Open Water” and came away bored and tired then this movie will be refreshing. The premise of the movie is very similar. People stranded in the ocean, decide they can swim 12 miles to an island and wait for rescue. Of course the waters are apparently shark infested, a fact that is foreshadowed many times during the film. Of course if you are watching “The Reef” it is because you are expecting people to get eaten by sharks so you will ignore all the dumb moves the people make that help facilitate getting eaten by sharks.

There isn't much to tell about this movie other than the plot is very predictable, but you already knew that. The movie keeps the tension level high and at times attempts to give you the impression that everything is safe, but the viewer knows better. All in all it doesn't drag out the events of the film to the point where it becomes tedious like “Open Water” and if you are interested in sharks eating people than this film is for you.

3/5 Stars

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